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Monday, June 19, 2017

Tiago Morais Morgado - Viola Solos (Nachtstück Records, 2017)

By Stef

To round off the string of strings reviews, here is an interesting album of solo viola by Portuguese sound artist Tiago Morais Morgado. He has already released a number of albums with primarily electronic soundscapes that explore a broad variety of sonic textures. He is a kind of iconoclast, somebody with wild ideas and a strong willingness to break the boundaries of listening experiences. Musical genres are a platform to start with, or a wall to break through, using styles like synth-pop, retro-futurism and chill wave, as well as free improv and classical music. He started his formal musical studies in 2000, studying alto viola, music technology and musicology.

On this short album he brings us improvisations for viola solo, with an explicit reference to Bach's cello suites on the third piece "Minuets first Cello Suite", but then further expanding on the soaring lyrical patterns for his other improvisations. It is a reference which is harsh and at times even violent, but also brought with a delight in the music and an equally powerful lyricism and sensitivity. Purists will cringe at his abrasive and raw sound, which is my opinion also part of the fun. He respects the music for the right reason: for its jubilating pleasure and lyrical dance of joy.  

Listen and purchase from Bandcamp.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stef,

Really enjoyed reading these reviews and intend to give a bunch of these a listen.

If you don't mind me asking, do you have a favorite?

Stef said...

Hi Anonymous,

Actually two : Vilde&Inga - Silfr and Elisabeth Coudoux - Some Poems.