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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Power Nap Trio - djape mare coa (s/r, 2022)

By Ron Coulter

The Serbian free jazz group, Power Nap Trio is Predrag Okilljević (tenor saxophone), Marko Čurčić (bass guitar/FX), and Aleksandar Škorić (drum set). djape mare coa is their first album, a digital release from December 2021; its six tracks come in at 46’58” in total duration.

The album can be summarized as alternating between rhythmic, Albert Ayler-esque melodicism (see track 1, djudja) and contemplative, melancholic soundscapes (see track 2, imam jednu zelju); in addition to the occasional combination of the two (see track 3, ceremonial shirts).

The trio really shines on the tracks featuring the more rhythmically active and folk-like melodicism (short, repetitive, singable melodic material) such as tracks 1 and 3. There is a sense of exuberance and joy in the playing, exemplified by the occasional vocal exclamation from one of the players (most likely Aleksandar Škorić on the drums). The interplay of the musicians is readily noticeable; they listen closely to each other and create accordingly, generating a smooth, coherent flow of ideas and sounds. This is a like-minded trio with a focused musical purpose. The result is an album with a cohesive musical statement.

Listeners will likely find themselves putting select tracks on repeat and enjoying them on many return listenings.


Ken Blanchard said...

I was delighted to see the reference to Albert Ayler. Listening to track 1, I was transported back to the first time I listened to "Spiritual Unity." Your review made a sale for this one.