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Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Free Jazz Blog Returns to Situation Fluxus

If you happen to be in the Albany, NY area around 10 a.m. today (Sept 8th), tune in to 90.7 WGXC-FM. The Free Jazz Blog's Nick Ostrum and Fotis Nikolakopoulos join radio host Cheryl K.'s show Situation Fluxus to talk about the music that they love to listen to and talk about.

If you are not in the area (or even if you are), you can listen now, here.


ckdisturbance said...

The Free Jazz Collective writers are fabulous guests and it's always refreshing and fun to speak with fellow journalists.

Paul said...

Very nice interview, it's great to have this chance to talk about how and why we write about music. Thanks Fotis, Nick, and ckdisturbance!