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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

New Year's Day coincides with the anniversary of this blog, which I started on my day off on January 1, 2007, first in Dutch, then adding English two weeks later, then dropping the Dutch version somewhere in September, just because it took too much time. You can see from the graph above how the number of visitors increased, and this without any promotion (click on the chart to have a clearer picture).

Here are some interesting statistics :
Page loads : 63,783
Unique visitors : 37,635
Returning visitors : 10,275

That means that we now have around 400 unique visitors daily.

Thank you all for the interest, that's what keeps me going.

During the European tour with his quartet, William Parker said the following prophetic lines:
"In 2008 we'll be moving into Cosmic Music, that we're just preparing now, because deep things are going to happen in 2008, there will be a shift in the access of power, here on earth and in other places, in the other world. You'll be hearing a lot about that in the future, as we'll be moving, switching to the cosmic music system, which is a different kind of system of music than they teach you in music schools. So, just look out for that in the near future from a lot of musicians".

Keep you ears and minds open, is all I can wish to everyone.


Jean Francois said...

Happy New Year!

Congratulations on your stats!

Bonne Année 2008!

Jean Francois

Guy Peters said...

Congrats and may 2008 be agreat year as well.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and keep them coming in 2008. The reading in these parts is always a treat.
Enjoy new music and best wishes for health and prosperity.


Unknown said...

Dear Stef,

Where can I send you "Kathmandu"?



Stef said...

François, you can contact me by e-mail. See my profile for more information.


Eduardo Reis said...

Happy,new and cosmic year!
The Cosmic Global Unity of The Azorean Islands wellcome you, William and Pat for wine and tea.
Som cosmico, Vinho cosmico, Homem cosmico.

Eduardo Reis

Anonymous said...

Great site. It's a must-read for anyone interested in new music. Your reviews are excellent and get right to the music in a clear and insightful manner.
You've pointed me to several gems over the past year that I would have likely not heard about otherwise.
I also really dig the way you break things down into various combos -- the trumpet trio section, for example. Great idea.
Keep up the fantastic work.