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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sangha Trio - Frantically, Frantically Being At Peace (Slippery Slope, 1997) ****½

Life is unjust, especially if you're a musician, and I must thank Allan for pointing out this record's existence in his comment to my recent Trumpet Trio Update. This is a great album, but even Google is not able to find it, but thanks too to Cadence for keeping a copy in stock and sending it to me. A great band with no recognition, hence my somewhat belated review (by eleven years, no less!). Sangha Trio is Nate Wooley on trumpet, Eric Warren on bass and Charlie Doggett on drums. The album is really excellent, one you should have if you like trumpet trios which are not too far "outside". The album is still very much based in the bop tradition, even including a take at Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing Called Love", and a wonderful rendition of "Stella By Starlight", taking it out of the superficial sentimentality of most of its interpretations, and bringing it back into more deepfelt emotional territories, yet most tracks are free improvisation, laying the first attempts for especially Wooley's later more adventurous adventures. Wooley is a wonderful trumpeter, someone who moved today into experimental territories beyond my understanding. But this album is just to my taste, bluesy, a little left of center, restrained and deep. I hope for you that Cadence kept some more copies in stock.

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Anonymous said...

Really glad you enjoyed this one.
It is a gem of a recording and is in a similar vein to the Paul Smoker Trio CD's which are my all time favourites.
I was disappointed when no follow-up appeared as I just love those deconstructed "standards"!

joesh said...

Hi Stef

If you like trumpet trios you should maybe look out some of the old Paul Smoker records/CDs - I seem to remember on Hat Art and Sound Aspect.

All the best - Joe

nate wooley said...

Hey Stef,

I just got pointed to this review....Sangha Trio was a trio I was part of in college that was allowed to record under the watchful wing of the great Marg Tobias. Right before the record was released I moved to Denver to study and so that was why there was no follow up. I have about 20 copies left, as it is a tricky one for me to sell at my more "difficult" music shows...ha! If anyone wants a copy, maybe you can put them in touch with me.