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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trumpet trio update

I am a great fan of the rare line-up of trumpet-bass-drums. My list so far is not too long, so suggestions are always welcome.

For completeness' sake, here are a few additions, which I came across recently, but which were released some time ago.

Scott Tinkler Trio

Australian trumpeter made some trio recordings in the late 90s, of which some, such as "Shrike Like" are no longer available, and that's a pity, because the playing is excellent, a little boppish yet equally free and bluesy. Quite soulful music, with Adam Armstrong on bass and Simon Barker on drums.

Dance Of Delulian (1996)
Sofa King (1997)
Shrike Like (1999)

Both can be downloaded from eMusic.


Tigersmilk is a more adventurous trio, mixing jazz with electronics, consisting of Rob Mazurek on cornet, Jason Roebke on bass and Dylan Van Der Schyff on percussion. As with the Chicago Underground Trio, Tigersmilk redefines musical concepts, including that of the trio.

Albums :
Tigersmilk (2003)
Tales From The Bottle (2005)
Android Love Cry (2007)

Listen to "From The Bottle, Part 2"

So, again, new suggestions are always welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Can I suggest :

Wholly Trinity - Jack Walrath on trumpet, Chip Jackson on bass and Jimmy Madison on drums.(Muse)

Frantically, Frantically Being At Peace - Sangha Trio. Nate Wooley on trumpet, Eric Warren on bass and Charlie Dogget on drums.(Slippery Slope)

Stef said...

Thanks Allan! I knew the Sangha Quartet, but not the Sangha Trio. I'll look for them.

Anonymous said...

The Sangha Trio CD is still available at -- search under Nathan Wooley.

Stef said...

thanks! ordered!

Anonymous said...

Another one I've just remembered, but unfortunately never heard, is Images Of Clarity - Harry Beckett on trumpet/flugelhorn, Didier Levallet on bass and Tony Marsh on drums.(Evidence)
Paul Smoker made two other trio recordings with Ron Rohovit and Phil Haynes on the defunct Sound Aspects label - Mississippi River Rat and Alone (which was recorded at the same session as Come Rain Or Come Shine). Disappointingly, neither appear to have made it to CD which is a great shame as they are,IMO,stunning examples of this very demanding line-up.

Stef said...

Paul Smoker also made "QB" with Rohovit and Haynes, but not released on CD.

I ordered the "Images Of Clarity" CD from my almost-all-possessing media library.

They also have "Alone" and "Mississippi River Rat" on LP. If I had a clue how to transfer LP to digital, I'd borrow them.

Thanks Allan for your good advice!

Ruz said...

One of Scott Tinkler's collaborators, drummer Simon Barker, is also part of Australia's other trumpet giant Phil Slater's Band of Five Names (with pianist Matt McMahon). Also, Slater's infrequent three-piece Roam the Hello Clouds (Scape) with Dave Miler and Laurence Pike. All excellent collectives. Bo5N is available from