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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sarah “FLAKE” Grosser

Sarah “FLAKE” Grosser is an Australian born, German-based author, lyricist and vocal artist. Exploding onto the scene with her self-published DIY John Zorn fanzine “Days of Zorn”, Flake quickly established a name for herself as an enthusiastic up-and-comer in the world of avant-garde. Shortly thereafter she penned follow up zines: “Zappa Every Day”, “The Jazz Hater’s Manifesto” and “Jazz is for Wankers”.

Flake’s fetish for drummers with fantastic hair is public knowledge and she encourages any potential candidates to form an orderly queue.

Her unmistakable writing style challenges pretentiousness, and if you don’t like it you can suck a lemon.


Brt the kid said...

I like your Style! Cheers from one of the Jazz ants

Brt the kid said...

I like your style! Cheers from the baby jazz ant