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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman Update

By Stef

As a further tribute to Ornette, here is an updated list of the all 172 Lonely Woman versions in my possession. The composition's quality is so easily demonstrated by the large variety of genres in which it is being performed, from traditional mainstream vocal jazz, over free jazz, classical music, latin music, noise rock, modern classical, prog rock, ambient and avant-garde. Everybody seems to find something great in it, and is inspired to perform it, over and beyond all personal tastes. If you have additional suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below (and please not the Horace Silver composition with the same title). Thanks in advance!

8 Bold Souls – Side Show
Aceyalone - Human Language
Addax - Pa' Mi Gitana
Agustí Fernández, Baldo Martinez & Ramón López - Triez 
Ahmed Abdullah’s Ebonic Tones – Tara’s Song
Aki Takase & Silke Eberhard - Ornette Coleman Anthology
Alain Sève & Yves Rodde-Migdal - Bleu Paris
Alan Broadbent - Heart To Heart
Alan Wilkinson - Practice
Albin & Rebekah Zak - Sphinx
Amon Düül - Hijack (bizarre rock latin version)
Aram Shelton 4tet - Everything for Somebody
Ariel - 31 Bars
Assif Tsahar - Open Systems
Astrosonic - Speeder People
Attila Dora - Solo Baritone Sax
Barney Wilen - Dear Prof. Leary 
Basquiat Strings - Basquiat Strings
BB-Band - Odissey On Earth
Benoît Delbecq & Fred Hersh Double Trio - Fun House 
Big Tall Wish – Leverage (Rock – ambient)
Bill Carrothers & Marc Copland – No Choice
Bill Smith Ensemble - The Subtle Deceit of the Quick Gloved Hand
Billy Bang - Bangception Willisau 1982
Bob Gluck Trio - Sideways 
Boel/Emborg/Vinding/Riel - Shadow Of Love
Borah Bergman & Hamid Drake – Reflections On Ornette Coleman
Brad Cox - Beginners
Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hays & Patrick Zimmerli - Modern Music
Branford Marsalis - Random Abstract
Bruno Angelini - Lonely Woman - Huit Femmes
Bushman´s Revenge: Electric Komle - Live! 
Carol Morgan - Blue Glass Music 
Cécile Broché & Etienne Bouyer Duo
Charlie Haden/Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell – The Montreal Tapes
Charlie Haden’s Quartet West – In Angel City
Charlie Haden & Jim Hall
Charlie Haden - The Private Collection
Charnet Moffett - Spirit Of Sound
Chris Connor - Free Spirit
Claudine François – Lonely Woman
Claudio Cojaniz & Gianarlo Schiaffini - War Orphans
Cooke Quartet – Searching
Cruel Frederick - Birth of the Cruel 
Daniele Cavallanti - A World Of Sound Quartet
Dave Douglas Trio - On Air London - Lonely Woman (Bootleg)
Dave Goldberg – Jazz Standard
Dave King - I've Been Ringing You
Dave Liebman – Ghosts (world)
Dave Liebman- Turnaround: The Music of Ornette Coleman
Dave Liebman, Bob Moses & Eddie Gomez - Spirit Renewed
David Liebman, Richie Beirach, Ron McLure, Billy Hart - Redemption
David Rothenberg & Lewis Porter - Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast
Denison Kimball Trio - Soul Machine
Denny Zeitlin - Live At The Trident
Desert Island Dicks - The Shades Of Jazz To Come
Diamanda Gallas – La Serpenta Canta
Dominick Farinacci - Lovers, Tales And Dancers
Don Cherry – Featuring Ornette Coleman & Steve Lacy
Don Cherry Quartet - Live In Nervi
Double U – The Glands of External Secretion (slide guitar, blues)
Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble & Lena Willemark - Senses
Elsner/Räther/Maichel - The Song Is You
Frank Kimbrough - Lonely Woman
Fred Hersch - Evanescence
Fred Hersch Trio - Alive At The Vanguard
Freda Payne- After The Lights Go Down
Gary Bartz & Sonny Fortune - Alto Memories
Gebhard Ullmann and Andreas Willers - Suite Noire
George Gruntz - St Peter Power
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - The MPS Years
Giovanni Mirabassi - Huit Femmes
Good For Cows - Good For Cows
Greg Malcolm - Homesick For Nowhere (noise rock)
Grencsó Open Collective - Homespun In Black & White
Guarneri Underground - New World
Guido Mazzon - Other Line
Hanna Boel - The Shining Of Things (vocal) 
Hayasaka Sachi & Stir Up - Straight To The Core
Hellen Merrill & Dick Katz - A Shade Of Difference
HR Big Band - Plays The Music Of Ornette Coleman
Hugh Hopper - Hopper Tunity Box
Hugh Ragin – Metaphysical Question
Ignaz Schick's Decollage 3 - Lonely Woman
Jacques Berrocal - Catalogue
Jaki Byard - July in Paris
James Blood Ulmer - Music Speaks Louder Than Words
Janka Flachsman - Breath
Jarek Smietana - The Good Life
Jay Clayton - All Out
Jazz Doctors - Intensive Care
Jean-Paul Celea - Yes, Ornette!
Joachim Kühn & Archie Shepp - Lonely Woman
João Lencastre's Communion - One
Jocque & Le Scott - The Ornette Coleman Songo
Joe Giardullo & Michael Bisio – Primal Intentions
John Lewis & Sven Asmussen - European Encounter
Joe McPhee's Po Music - The Loneliest Woman
John Zorn – Naked City
Joleste - Who Knows? 
Joshua Redman – Momentum
Juhani Aaltonen Trio - Illusion Of A Ballad
Karin Krogg - Different Days, Different Ways
Ken Peplowski – The Other Portrait (classical symphonic)
Kiyoshi Kitagawa with Kenny Barron & Brian Blade - Prayer
Kronos Quartet – White Man Sleeps (modern classical)
Kyle Bruckman - Wrack
Larry Schneider Quartet – Ornettology
Lester Bowie – Fast Last
Linda Sharrock - And She Answered (vocal)
Lisa Manosperti - Where The West Begins : Voicing Ornette Coleman
Luther Thomas - In Denmark
Magos Herrera, Iraida Noriega - Soliluna (vocal)
Marc Copland & Bill Carrothers - Huit Femmes
Marcin Oles - Ornette On Bass (3 versions of bass solo)
Mark Doyle – Guitar Noir (rock)
Mark Wyand - I'm Old Fashioned
Marzette Watz - Lonely Woman
Masayuki Takayanagi - Lonely Woman (solo electric guitar)
Maurizio Brunod - Solo
Mecolodiacs - Glamjazz
Michael Bisio & Joe McPhee – Fingers Wrigglers (1) (free)
Michael Bisio & Joe McPhee – Fingers Wrigglers (2) (free)
Michael Bocian - Premonition
Misja Fitzgerald Michel - Encounter
Miroslav Vitous Group - Remembering Weather Report
Modern Jazz Quartet - Lonely Woman
Nancy Walker - Luminosity
Natraj – The Goat Also Gallops (world jazz)
Old & New Dreams – Old & New Dreams
Oles/Trzaska/Oles - Danziger Strassenmuzik
Ombak - Fan Bricks
Open Systems - Is
Ornette Coleman – The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Ornette Coleman Quartet - The Love Revolution
Otomo Yoshihide - Lonely Woman
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet - Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn
Panorama Brass Band - 17 Days
Paul van Kemenade & Ron van Rossum - Duo
Peter Brötzmann - 14 Love Poems
Petite Vengeance - Mon Amérique A Toi
Phil Grenadier & Bruno Råberg - Plunge
Pierre Dorge – Giraf
Popol Lavanchy - En Ver et Contre Tout
Quest - Quest
Quest - Redemption Live In Europe 
Radka Toneff – Live In Hamburg (vocal)
Ran Blake - Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano
Renata Friederich Close-Up - Lonely Woman
Renaud Garcia-Fons & Gérard Marais - Acoustic Songs (guitar/bass duo)
Rhinoceri Trio - Libera Me
Ryan Burns - Live At The Lab
Sachi Hayasaka & Stir Up! - Straight To The Core
Sergi Sirvent - Free Quartet
SF Jazz Collective - Inaugural Season Live 2004
Sheila Cooper - Tales Of Love And Longing (vocal)
Sigrid Meyer & Serene
Silvia Donati - Singing In The Brain (vocal)
Sophia Domancich & Goubert Simon- You Don't Know What Love Is
Sophia Domancich - Tirana Moods + You Don't Know What Love Is
Sophia Domancich - Washed Away
Stan Kenton - Concert In Progressive Jazz
Stan Kenton & June Christy - Duet
Stephan Oliva & Claude Tchamitchian - Huit Femmes
Stephan Oliva & Jean-Marc Foltz - Huit Femmes
Stephan Oliva & Suzanne Abbuehl - Huit Femmes
Stephan Oliva & Joey Baron - Huit Femmes
Stephan Oliva & Linda Sharrock - Huit Femmes
Stephanie Winters – Through The Storm (classical cello solo)
Steve Berrios And Son Bacheche - First World
Sunny Murray - Perles Noires
Sunny Sumter- Sunny
Susanne Abbuehl – I Am Rose 
Taarka - The Martian Picture Soundtrack
Takashi Kako - Long Journey
Takeda Kazunori Meets Furusawa Ryojiro - Infinity
Tango Lorca – Mujer Sola (tango)
Terumasa Hino -- Crimson
Terence Blanchard - Simply Stated
Tied & Tickled Trio and Billy Hart - La Place Demon
Tiziana Ghiglioni - Lonely Woman
Tiziano Tononi - Peace Warriors, Vol. 2
Todd Bishop Group - Little Played Little Bird 
Trio X - Live In Vilnius
Trio X – Roulette At Location One
Trio X – Moods : Playing With The Elements
Uschi Brüning - Ornette Et Cetera 
Vandermark 5 - Alchemia
Vic Juris - Omega Is The Alpha 
Waclaw Zimpel, Wojtek Traczyk, Robert Rasz - The Light
Willem Breuker Kollectief - Thirst
Wolfgang Pushnig, Linda Sharrock, Uli Scherer - AM4
Yochk'o Seffer - Ornette For Ever


Lionel said...

Hello there
there is this trio version, from french bass player Jean-Paul Celea, with Emile Parisien on sax and Wolfgang Reisinger on drums. The album is called Yes Ornette (outnote records).

Stef said...

Thanks Lionel!

Steve N said...

Another version of this wonderful composition can be found on Peter Brötzmann's Solo + Trio Roma album.

ivo said...

My two cents:
Mario Rom’s Interzone – Nothing Is True (Laub Records, 2012)
Barry Wedgle - Virgo (M·A Recordings, 1994)

Franpi said...

I have made a compilation, here, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, check out Geri Allen, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian playing the song on their album "Etudes". I love that version.

Unknown said...

Hi, don't know if live versions count, but here's one by Anders Nilsson I like:

Unknown said...

Motoharu Yoshizawa + Mototeru Takagi /  Duo 1969.10.9 (P.S.F. Records)

Unknown said...

Takeda Kazunori Meets Furusawa Ryojiro ‎/ Infinity
(Aketa's Disk AD-25CD)

Unknown said...

Takagi Mototeru / 2001.07.06 (
Chitei Records ‎– B22F)

Anonymous said...

Juhani Aaltonen Trio -ILLUSION OF A BALLAD

Unknown said...

Damn I wish I knew about this in time! I have a band and we covered Lonely Woman. It's one of my favorite tunes. Ornette was the man! Well, here it is anyway: