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Monday, September 21, 2009

Carter/Colbourne/Flaherty - A Flash In The Sky (TheGlassMuseum, 2009) ****

You like free jazz raw and hard and real and authentic? Well then here's a treat for you: Daniel Carter meets Randall Colbourne meets Paul Flaherty in a free-for-all blowing session.

The session? Two tracks, one of thirty and one of fifteen minutes of unadultered sax+sax+drums, with Carter occasionally switching to trumpet.

Doubts? No need to have them. In the hands of three such experienced musicians the end result is one well worth listening to, and for most of us, a great joy from beginning to end.

Essential? Not really. But listen how they find the right balance between power and subtlety, between violence and tenderness, between mutual respect and I'll-show-you.

Quality? You bet! In every note. Fine sound quality too. Great art work.

Will it sell? Surely not. Have you ever seen a paper sleeve with no names or references? You buy this? But I'm not sure selling is the objective.

You like free jazz? Order it through The Glass Museum.

And now with a Youtube clip (thanks Kevin!)

© stef


joesh said...

Here's a link to Withdrawn Records website with a chance to listen (and maybe download) some more of Randall Colbourne's 'Clarinet Works' album. Sounds pretty far out!!!!

Enjoy :

joesh said...

I'd like to add that Randall Colbourne's beard deserves 6 stars ....... at least!

eric said...

the man with the formidable beard is actually paul flaherty...

Anonymous said...

disagree,slightly:essential flaherty:*****

thanks for review, one by a maybe overworked 'critic'/youngun' that was SO off the mark...