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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Paul Acquaro

Paul is fairly certain that it was a combination of Elton Dean's El Skid, John Surman's The Trio, and Marc Ribot's Spiritual Unity group that are mostly responsible for opening up his ears. He also played the bass clarinet in high school and was enthralled with how well it could squawk. His musical interests are wide, which is well evidenced in his ever growing music collection. He is an educator, occasional web developer, likes to play the guitar, and spends far too much time making sure the Free Jazz Blog is humming along.


Kali. Z said...

Paul, thanks so much for your wonderful and insightful review of PIANO RAPTURE! A facebook friend in Argentina, Federico Antin, just brought it to my attention.

Unknown said...

Dear Paul - thanks for your review of Giving Birth To Sound. I'm one of the artists in the book and really appreciate your response. Best Wishes, Faye Patton.

william hooker said...

I enjoyed it..

William Hooker


Hi PAUL, Many thanks on behalf of AMINA BARAKA & THE RED MICROPHONE. Your review of our ESP-Disk album was wonderfully insightful, detailed, artful and lovingly appreciated!

peace, john pietaro

Cristina said...

Hi Paul. Here´s some photos from Tuesday: ))