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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stef Gijssels

Stef : started this blog in December 2006 and wrote over 1,000 CD reviews in the meantime - amateur of life - loves far too many things and does far too many things to do anything qualitatively, but somehow things do move forward - listening, watching, reading, sporting, playing, working, enjoying, socialising, loving. Would like to leave this world a better place than before he came into being, but chances are slim. Born in Belgium by chance, married, with three children by choice.


dominic duval said...

Hi Stef ,, have you listened to music of J.C. on nobusiness.. any plans of reviewing? any thoughts i should know about .. Good or bad ..
I am planning a trio recording of Mingus music for the nobusinesss people .. their request .

Best wishes d

louis-michel marion said...


je voudrais vous envoyer un cd (contrebasse solo) que je viens de publier, en vente en Fance au catalogue des Allumés du jazz, de Metamkine et à la boutique "Souffle Continu" à Paris, pourriez-vous me donner une adresse postale ?
LM Marion

Jazz Oud said...

Hey Stef, thanks for the review of Nashaz! Glad to see our friends Amir and Jussi in the mix as well.

Kevin said...


Why not a second review (by you!) of Keir Neuringer's solo release. The first reviewer didn't seem to get it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stef,
i enjoy your site every day. Thanks for that.
ps. would be great if you could include some reviews on records from Ambiances Magnetiques (Quebec). Please check e.g. the last Klaxon Gueule records ( or other stuff from Michel F. Cote. This will nicely fit to your site.

wiccacat said...

Stef, where are you? Haven't seen a review from you in a long time.

Gennaro said...

Dear Stef,
how are you?

I miss your reviews...
when you come back to post on this blog?

please let me know,
thank you.

All my best from Italy,

Anonymous said...

Stef: Thanks for this blog!

Hats off to all the reviewers, but - like others - I miss your (Stef's) recommendations.

If you don't have the time and energy to write full reviews, how about just posting a list of "Stef's picks" every now and then? Stuff you've listened to lately and would recommend, without having to write a full review?

Thanks again and all the best!

STNT said...

Hi Steph, merci pour la chronique des 2 TROMBE ;-)