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Friday, June 22, 2012

Generation Y

Readers who cleaned their eyes this morning will have noticed that the illustrative photographs in the side columns have changed, replacing the free jazz legends (Coleman, Shepp, Cecil Taylor, ...) who themselves replaced the female free jazz pictures of last year (Léandre, Fujii, Crispell, Roberts, Laubrock, ...), who in turn replaced the free jazz icons of today (William Parker, Bill Dixon, Hamid Drake, Ken Vandermark, ...), portrayed in the year before.

The generation Y is born after 1980, and all musicians pictured fall within this category (or almost), and succeeds generation X, which seems logical.

To quote Wikipedia : "Generation Y'ers never truly rebelled against their parents, unlike prior generations, often enjoying the same music, movies and products as their parents. Generation Y has been described in a New York Times opinion piece as entrepreneurial and, "a 'post-emotional' generation. No anger, no edge, no ego."  Generation Y grew up in a time of great change in the music industry, and does not have a discernible sound unlike recent generations."

The challenge is up, boys and girls : prove them wrong!!!

(Photographers who recognize their pix can send me an email, so that I can attribute them.)

© stef


Richard said...

What a great collection of artists!

Anyone have a recommendation for best album by Waclaw Zimpel? Preferably something I can buy online.


Paul said...

Hi Richard - for what's worth, I liked the Reed Trio:

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Tyshawn there, would like to see Thomas Morgan and Nate Wooley up also.

Anonymous said...

Well, Nate Wooley was born before Harris Eisenstadt, who was born quite a bit before '80...Abdelnour and Niggenkemper (among others) are technically too old, too.

Stef said...

true, I took a five year margin (which includes Eisenstadt, Abdelnour and Niggenkemper, but not Wooley)

... but if you want, I can add a picture of Wooley.

Other ideas are welcome


Anonymous said...

Steve Lehman?

Bartleby said...

Any of the Chicago bunch? Besides working together in The Engines, Nate McBride, Dave Rempis, Tim Daisy, and Jeb Bishop all have other things going on. Jeff Parker and John Herndon come to mind too.

Martin Schray said...

everything Zimpel has done with his Hera-Project is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Mike Pride. Ben Gerstein. Jason stein. Jason Roebke. Frank Rosaly. Kirk Knuffke. Serious omissions!