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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Joel Barela

Joel Barela is a teacher most of the year, a writer when it suits him, a carpenter and husband to a beautiful woman named Willow. He has two lovely daughters and splits time between the San Antonio/Austin metroplex and New Orleans. The dancing in the street, the abundance of clubs and festivals and the food of the South keep him rooted against its sometimes oppressive heat.


Unknown said...

Dear Joel,
Thank you for reviewing our record on your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to listen, and your positive comments about the music. I would like to respectfully ask, though, that before writing a review, could you please read the information on the album cover. The song Hocus Pocus couldn't have been "retroactively named no doubt," because it was composed by Steve Lacy. The song 9=2 is unlikely to reveal my musical past, because it is a Michael Coleman composition. And the song Prelude to a Prelude is credited to Duke Ellington.
Ben Goldberg