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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Martin Schray

Was born in Southern Germany and has lived there ever since. The initial event that won him for improvised music was Peter Brötzmann’s 50th birthday concert with the Maerz Combo in 1992 (later issued on FMP) where he felt as if he was seized by a gigantic power that would never let him go – especially when Nicky Skopelitis played a solo after which there was only one string left on the guitar. Martin is interested in all kinds of music. He loves cooking, reading, watching movies and going to concerts. He lives and works as a teacher in Karlsruhe, Germany.


Gianni Lenoci said...

Hi Martin, thank you so much for your wonderful review of Plaything! All my best
Gianni Lenoci

exit_54 said...

You said Brotz was cheerful "after a few drinks"? You were drinking...maybe coffee? Peter quit drinking a number of years ago, and seemed to still be in that mode earlier this month.

Martin Schray said...

I have seen him drinking rum, and he was definitely a bit tipsy. I know that he quit drinking for a long time but I guess he started to have a drink now and then again. There are several people who can confirm that.

mr hats said...

hey Martyn ! Wondered if i could introduce my music and art have been enjoying the writing here , wondered if i could get a review on my music if possible please. Many Thanks Andy.