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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tom Burris

Tom Burris lives in central Indiana, where he juggles several different musical projects. None of them make any money; therefore, he works in I.T.

The first jazz album he ever listened to was a copy of Miles Davis’ “Nefertiti,” which he checked out from the library. This occurred when he was 16 years of age. He did not understand it at the time, but came to love it very much.

He did not marry Karen Carpenter.


laz said...

I just wanna thank you and your band mates (Bombarded with flowers) for producing the instrumental "Stopped Too Late". There's for me a kind of powerful energy and feeling of nostalgia/hope/unification and something i can't explain... kind of making me thing of when i was a kid also.... . I could cry listening to it .... i was wondering if you guys made a longer version or it was randomly improvised and that's what it is.... probably even if there's another version avaiable i will not like it the same :)