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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nick Metzger

Aside from his family Nick’s passion in life is listening to, playing, and talking about music. He’s always leaned towards the avant-garde in his artistic tastes and plunged down the rabbit hole that is jazz upon listening to Bitches Brew in his early teens. Through his research into the genre he encountered an album called Spiritual Unity which opened the floodgates to what he felt he had been searching for all his life, free music, and he has been drinking heavily from the well ever since. He also enjoys reading, writing, cinema, and good food. He lives and works in central Indiana.


Ben Makinen said...

Nick -

I would like you to watch my two new, award-winning, jazz documentary films and review them if you are so motivated.

JazzTown (92 mins)


Who Killed Jazz (22 mins)

I am a jazz drummer turned filmmaker (used to do a lot of free jazz in guitar drum duo named Bang Twang - the guitarist, Ron Bucknam, is in both films. The films cover a broad range of jazz music, and also delve into socio-economics and race: all with live performance and behind the scene interviews.

The movies are available to the public on Vimeo On Demand, with major streaming platforms set for release in the Fall.

more info at


~ Dianne Reeves, 5-time Grammy Award winner for Best Jazz Vocalist
~ US Senator John Hickenlooper (former jazz club owner)
~ Ron Miles (Joshua Redman, Bill Frisell, Ginger Baker)
~ Charlie Hunter (Snarky Puppy, Christian McBride, Stanton Moore)
~ Art Lande (Mark Isham, Gary Peacock)
~ Ayo Awosika (The Lion King, Miley Cyrus, Rob Thomas)
~ Charlie Burrell (Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker ..)

Thanks Nick - all the best

Ben Makinen said...

Nick -


This is the correct link to the full length (92 min) JazzTown


(the link in my original post leads to a short trailer)

Sorry for any confusion,