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Friday, June 29, 2012

2 million page loads

Another milestone reached for your favorite jazz blog : 2 million pageloads!

Thanks for your loyal readership and another thanks to the entire review team for their contributions.


(Every time a page loads into a browser window this is a pageload. This happens either by an url being entered in address bar of the browser, or from a bookmarked address, or by using back or forward browser arrows or a refresh of the page).


maghetto said...

are one of the 2 million visitors .
thanks for your availability and competence

best regards

Maarten said...

Genuinely earned

Anonymous said...

Every day i read this blog. I have learned a lot with your musical vision and the risk for the challenge. I have a great enthusiasm to this blog and not get tired of bugging my friends...
Many thanks, all good things for the team´s FREE JAZZ BLOG !

To the MUSIC,