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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Joris De Roy

Even though he is musically illiterate, Joris has been into serious jazz for about 30 years, steadily moving on towards ever more adventurous avant-gardist horizons. The move away from the mainstrem is largely due to a persisting radio allergy, a condition not yet recognized by the medical world.  Milestones along this road are probably too many to mention, but they definitely started with Henry Cow's seminal 'Concerts' album. 

His current main circles of interest are those around Tim Berne (my favourite musician and composer for the last 20 years bar none), the Bristol school (Tippett, Dunmall), and omnipresent sidemen like Gerry Hemingway, Marc Ducret, and so many Europeans. 

In order to make ends meet and to create a better world, Joris is an educator.

That's the essence; everything else is accidental.