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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Troy Dostert

Troy Dostert grew up in Southern California, but he now lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches high school history.  His love of jazz began in his late teens, and since then he has sought out ever more-adventurous forms of musical expression.  He can vividly recall his first time listening to Charles Gayle’s Consecration, as he’s still recovering from it almost twenty years later.  When not busy trying to find opportunities to read good books or discover good music, Troy is probably spending time with his wife and son, both of whom have learned (more or less) to tolerate his musical obsessions.


ninohero said...

loved your picks for albums of the year 2014... found a lot of great stuff and a lot of artists I was unfamiliar with

Allen Lowe said...

is there an email I can contact you at to send some music links? thanks,Allen Lowe