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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dennis Gonzalez - No Photograph Available

Dennis Gonzalez is an underexposed trumpet player and his music is hard to find, especially in Europe. His CD Nile River Suite is available on Gonzalez's website, but for your convenience linked below in its entirety. Nile River Suite is a great album, with Gonzalez and Roy Campbell on trumpet, Sabir Mateen on sax and flute, Henry Grimes on bass and Michael Thompson on drums. The music is slow, flowing like a river, with once in a while some slight middle eastern influence in the melodies, with lots of space for the soloists, pushed on by the horn section and with a rhythm section which is at moments hypnotic. Gonzalez once received the complaint that he gave too much space to the soloists, a reality which he luckily turned into his trade mark. This CD is again available on the market.

No Photograph Available is one of the best free jazz CDs of 2006, with Gonzalez on trumpet, Charles Kohlhase on sax, Joe Morris and Nate McBride on bass (together), and Croix Gallipault on drums. The latter is a 19-year old student of Joe Morris. I won't discuss this CD in detail : lots of space, lots of spontaneous composition. Buy it!

Download :

River Nile Suite : hier te beluisteren op Mp3

Lyons In Lyon (For Jimmy Lyons)

Sand Baptist

The Nile Runs Through New York (Part 1a)

The Nile Runs Through New York (Part 1b)

The Nile Runs Through My Heart (Part 2)

The Nile Runs Through Us All

Hymn For The Ashes Of Saturday


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