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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trumpet Trio - the list

Here is the list of the trumpet trios (trumpet/bass/drums) I know of at the moment.

Don Cherry - Blue Lake
Charlie Haden/Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell - The Montreal Tapes
Roy Campbell - Ancestral Homeland
Roy Campbell - Communion
Roy Campbell - Ethnic Stew & Brew
Tomasz Stanko - Bluish
Paul Smoker Trio - Genuine Fables; Come Rain or Come Shine
Trio East - Stop Start
Trio East - Best Bets
Chicago Underground Trio - Slon
Chicago Underground Trio - Chronicle
Hugh Ragin - Metaphysical Question
Raphe Malik/Cecil McBee/Codaryll Moffett - Storyline
Cuong Vu - Come Play With Me
Kahil El'Zabar/Lester Bowie/Malachi Favors - The Ritual
Tim Hagans - Audible Architectures
Herb Robertson - Falling in Flat Space
Herb Robertson - Sound Implosion
Ian Smith/ Simon Fell / Harris Eisenstadt - K 3
Michael Bisio Trio - Composance
Dave Ballou - Insistence
Andrzej Przybielski - Abstract
Masahiko Togashi - Session In Paris, Vol. 1 (with Don Cherry & Charlie Haden)
Wadada Leo Smith - Touch The Earth
Ehran Elisha - Suite Empathy
Dennis Gonzalez - Geografia
Eye Contact - Embracing The Tide/Making Eye Contact With God
Eye Contact - War Rug
Birgit Ulher - Sperrgut
Scott Tinkler Trio - Dance Of Delulian (1996)
Scott Tinkler Trio - Sofa King (1997)
Scott Tinkler Trio - Shrike Like (1999)
Tigersmilk - Tigersmilk (2003)
Tigersmilk - From The Bottle (2005)
Tigersmilk - Android Love Cry (2007)

Suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

One other trio--the Michael Bisio Trio, featuring Rob Blakeslee (trumpets), Michael Bisio (bass), and Greg Campbell (drums, French horn). Their one recording is "Composance" (Cadence 1173; 2004).

Anonymous said...

Spanish Fly - Rags To Britches (1993)
Spanish Fly
David Tronzo (slide guitar)
Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet)
Marcus Rojas (tuba)

and sometime Ben Perowsky (drums, percussion)