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Monday, January 15, 2007

Other Dimensions In Music

Other Dimensions In Music is a unique band. With Roy Campbell on trumpet, flute and recorder, Daniel Carter on sax and trumpet, William Parker on bass and Rashid Bakr on drums. The first album I bought of this band was "Time is of the Essence, The Essence is of Time", with Matthew Shipp on piano, an album which was praised to the sky by All Music Guide. This CD was then, and it still is today, for me impossible to listen to. So I thought that all the rest of this band would be in the same vein. Last year I received the book "New York is Now : the new wave in free jazz" by Phill Freeman as a present (thank you, Tom!). The book also praises Other Dimensions in Music, yet gives "Time is of the Essence ..." a bad rating. So, I changed my mind and starting looking for the other albums, and indeed, the two others I found are absolutely fantastic. Among the most beautiful CDs free jazz has to offer.
So what's the lesson from this story : Never believe critics and judge for yourself.
Question to ask : do we really have to buy everything in order to evaluate? Answer : no : read this blog!