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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Top 10 freejazz 2006

Of course there are more than 10, but the choice is difficult, also to rank them. I'm not sure either if they were all published in 2006, but that's at least I when I got hold of them.

Hamid Drake/Albert Beger/William Parker - Evolving Silence Vol. 1
Kahil El'Zabar - Big M
Fred Anderson - Timeless, Live At The Velvet Lounge
Michael Bates - A Fine Balance
Bridge 61 - Journal
Rob Brown - Radiant Pools
John Coltrane - One Up/One Down
Ernest Dawkins - The Messenger
Dennis Gonzalez - No Photograph Available
Kidd Jordan - Palm Of Soul
Adam Lane - Music Degree Zero
John Lindberg - A Tree Frog Tonality
Joe McPhee/Matthew Shipp/Dominic Duval - Live In Finland
Myra Melford - The Image Of Your Body
Romano/Sclavis/Texier - African Flashback
Wadada Leo Smith - CompassionTripleplay - Gambit
Vinny Golia - Sfumato