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Monday, January 15, 2007

Why is free jazz the ultimate music genre? (3)

When listening to free jazz you just have to let go of your rational and ordened mind and surrender to what is taking place. Free jazz can offer a moving moment, absolute beauty, an exciting rhythm, a painful note, a dynamic interplay, a chaotic cacophony, a crushing loss, a trance-inducing drone, a surprising turn, a magical melody, a punch in the face, raw emotion, gut-wrenching agony, a leap of joy, a desire to dance, an aesthetical summit, ... a musical experience. Free jazz will not leave you indifferent. You like it, or you don't. And even the most practised listener will like certain things and not the other. Free jazz is like dancing on a tight-rope, and many fall off. On the left into emptiness, on the right into chaos. That's the adventure of free jazz. You take risks as a listener as well. The adventure can turn into a catastrophe, but you could also reach home safely. The risk is yours, and so is the reward. So, join and listen intently. Let go of the safe haven!